Has assisted our members with questions on pensions and reitrement. Feel free to take advantage of their services. www.principal.com

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  Financial Services Representative
  6701 Westown Parkway, Suite 200
  West Des Moines. IA 50266
  Fax 515 246 4076

Retiree News ...
Come visit a  meeting of the Central Iowa CWA Retiree at the  Machinists Hall in Des Moines, 2000 Walker (just off the Freeway.
 If you can't make it in person, here is the Zoom link to join to keep up to date with our friends and former companies. 
Monday Tech Talks
Monday March 4th at 2 PM
Pleasant Hill Public Libary
Or you can join the fun right from your home via Zoom
We talk about most anything and just have fun talking to each other.
And we might even answer a burning question you may have.
Give it a try... You just might find it a fun time.
What have you got to lose.
We will have a scanner there if you need to scan documents for HRA reimbursements, or photos for your genealogy!
Join us on Zoom -- even easier today (we removed the passcode!)

<>We miss you and want you back!

The best way to keep in touch with fellow CWA members and retirees and receive current information is to join the Retired Members Chapter. At this time, we are meeting at the Machinists Hall,  2000 Walker Street, Des Moines, Iowa, on the second Thursday of each month at 2:00 p.m. Our meetings usually last for about an hour. We have recently added a Zoom option for you to be able to attend if you cannot be there in person, but you want to keep “in the know.” We want to make sure you're taking advantage of all the benefits we fought for years ago. Please come join us and feel free to bring a guest! 

Our membership dues are $12 per year, which helps keep you informed about news that affects you (see attached form).


To join our local CWA Retirees’ Committee

  • Download the form here

  •  (Bring it to a meeting 2nd Thursday every month) 2000 Walker, Des Moines, 2-3 p.m.

  • OR return to the address below

  • If mailing, please mail completed form and check to:

     Barb Harrington

    429 N Pleasant Hill Blvd.

    Pleasant Hill, Iowa, 50327



    Annual dues of $12.00 

    Effective January 2024 to January 2025

     make check payable to:

    CWA 7102 Retired Members’ Chapter


     Why should you join with your fellow CWA retirees?

    SOLIDARITY …since we no longer meet at work, it is an opportunity to remain united with your fellow members and stay informed on issues of contract negotiations and endangered Healthcare benefits.

    STRENGTH …If we remain silent and isolated, we won't be heard by those who affect our union benefits. By joining with us in unity, our strength increases and we will be heard!

    ACTION ... As an organized group, we strive to resolve our shared issues and concerns.

    EDUCATION … We learn about news affecting our lives. Enlightening program speakers share trustworthy current knowledge.

    CAMARADERIE … After union business has been discussed we have time for food, fun, and friends!

    AND, even though we have retired, our Healthcare benefits are of vital concern, both for those who are and aren’t Medicare eligible, as well as for future retirees. We need to show our strength and unity toward positive legislative outcomes and new contracts.  

    In solidarity, 

    Central Iowa CWA RETIREES’ Committee Local Board

    Barb Harrington, President       iowabarb2@gmail.com     515-480-1312

    Jerry Uhlman, Vice-President   jmuhlman1950@gmail.com   515-240-0781

    Roberta Summy, Secretary-Treasurer rockinroberta55@gmail.com 515-537-3121

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    Feel free to visit and join us on Facebook at
    Central  Iowa CWA Retiree's Club

    President RMC District 7
     Judy Fries

    Are you turning 65 soon. 
    This info could be a help to you.

    And you ask what is involved in getting CL health Ins changed when I turn 65.

    First off go to  Medicare.org and read through it. Very helpful.
    You will want to select a secondary plan like UHC AARP etc.  
    You can compare them on the medicare.gov site and which companies offers them in your area code and the costs. 
    And you may want a Medicare Drug plan D if you want to help cover drug costs. 
    Also the medicare.gov site lets you enter the drugs you take so you can compare which Plan D may be best for you. Next go to CenturyLink VIA Benefits (see the link in our Resource section) to sign up for or change Medicare plans.
    CL has an a App called Reimburse Me so you can access Your Spending Account  from a smartphone as well and submit bills to them with the app. 

    Please visit... for retiree issues... 
    CWA's National Retired Members' Council web site

    Clink on the graphics 
    What Retirees Should Watch for 
    Barbara J. Easterling is president of the Alliance for Retired Americans. She was previously the secretary-treasurer of the Communications Workers of America. For more information, visit  www.retiredamericans.org

    The Telecommunications History Group (THG), is where you can pursue scholarly or personal research, view museum exhibits or tour a historical telephone company building. THG collects, preserves, and interprets the unfolding history of telecommunications industry. They have facilities in Denver and in Seattle. THG is a non-profit organization funded by membership dues, research fees and grants. One of the nation's largest privately held telecommunications archives, operates two museums and conduct educational programs on telephone history. In caps, I yell.. DO VISIT THIS SITE.
    A side bar... Ice, snow, and sleet have caused more damage than any other agent. Certainly in the Midwest states that comprised Northwestern Bell's territory.